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PM: ‘I have no issues with businessmen who support the NDP’

PM: ‘I have no issues  with businessmen who  support the NDP’

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Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has stated that he has no issues with businessmen and women who are in support of the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP).{{more}}

The Prime Minister addressing the issue at last week Monday’s Cabinet Room press conference stated that he has nothing against entrepreneurs who do not support his government, and would not try to hinder their businesses, as is alleged by some.

At the time, he was responding to reports that management and staff of the Bigger Trucking and Blocks Construction Company Limited intended to march in solidarity with the NDP at the Thursday, March 3 protest action by the leadership of the Opposition.

The company claims that political victimization is the reason why its permission to operate in Rabacca was revoked.

“This has nothing to do with politics whatsoever,” Dr. Gonsalves stated emphatically.

“I want to see the construction industry move on. I want to see Bigger Biggs make blocks and sell them and make as much money as he can.”

According to Dr. Gonsalves, supporters of the NDP have done better economically under a Unity Labour Party (ULP) administration than under the NDP.

At this point, the Prime Minister singled out the management of CK Greaves and Company, whom he said he knows are NDP supporters because of their actions.

He said that concessions have been granted to them in the past, despite their political affiliation.

“Bigger Biggs has a concession in relation to cement, which was granted when he set up the plant. I understand that he makes good blocks. That concession stays.”

“I don’t have anything against my brothers and sisters in the Greaves family…. They close their store during the lunch period for their workers to go out (to protest).”

“I want to see them do well and I want to see them employ more people and I want to see them do very well so much that they could pay more taxes so that I can get more revenue to do more things for the people in the country,” the Prime Minister added.

The Prime Minister further stated that he does not involve politics when it comes to dealing with businessmen and women; rather, he must facilitate a genuine partnership with them.

“If I begin to talk about how I, personally, Ralph Gonsalves was victimized under the NDP repeatedly; but I have not one single malicious bone in me in relation to anybody….”

Dr. Gonsalves questioned the motives of persons who alleged political victimization.

“What are they trying to do to this country? (Is it) that the only people that should be promoted should be NDP because if you put ULP people is politics?”

“In other words, under the ULP administration, the only people who can become subject to the law would be those who support the ULP and that anybody who supports the NDP, to deal with any matter relating to them is politics?” he asked.(JJ)