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Grammar School Young Leaders back with ‘water’ campaign

Grammar School Young Leaders back with ‘water’ campaign

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Just about a month after the St.Vincent Grammar School Young Leaders officially launched their project for 2011 under the theme: “Water, Beyond the Surface. Sustaining life, securing our future”, the group is back with another education campaign in the form of a community outreach in the community of Georgetown.{{more}}

On March 5, 2011, 33 members of the 63-strong Young Leader group journeyed to Georgetown to educate and conduct a survey on the importance of water and water conservation. Armed with educational ammunition, the Young Leaders divided themselves into five groups and dispersed themselves into the villages of Chili, Brown’s Town, Caratal, Bay Road and Main Road.

The residents of these communities were very co-operative and gave their full support as the Young Leaders conducted their education campaign and survey.

“It was a successful trip and it seemed like all Young Leaders enjoyed it, even though it was serious business,” said Cortland Bunyan, the group’s head photographer.

“Educating the public about water conservation is a huge phase in our project and it teaches persons about the importance of it, like it says in our sub-topic: “No Water, No Life,” he ended.