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Garifuna Community gets Free Wi-Fi services from LIME

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Just in time to celebrate National Heroes’ month, LIME, this country’s leading full service telecommunications provider, officially announced the installation of Free Wireless Internet Access to residents in Overland, Point and Sandy Bay.{{more}}

The project started several months ago, to accommodate customers “Over the Dry River” directly affected by the passage of Hurricane Tomas, as a result of damage to the existing line plant. LIME customers were unable to access Internet services and the management took the decision to install the equipment at a cost of US$10 thousand.

The telecommunications company is currently working on fine-tuning areas of the network to deliver 100 per cent quality service to customers and to mitigate against future problems that will inevitably occur during times of disaster.

General Manager Angus Steele made the announcement on March 1, to mark the commencement of National Heroes Month. “LIME thought it necessary to show our commitment to the community by providing free wireless internet service. Against the backdrop of National Heroes Month, and with Chatoyer being our only National Hero thus far, we thought it necessary to give back to this Community after the loss of services during the passage of Hurricane Tomas. We will continue to offer the service FREE until we are satisfied that our usual fixed line service is fully restored,” said Steele.

Each node took three weeks to install and is strategically positioned to give coverage to the main population centre in the villages. LIME customers and especially students with laptops and computers are already celebrating the news and taking full advantage of this extraordinary offer.

For three years now LIME has also teamed up with the Fancy Community to sponsor the annual National Heroes’ Day celebrations in Fancy. This event has grown to become a national spectacle that attracts several thousands of patrons, because of the local cuisine and cultural performances.