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West St George Young Leaders plant mahogany trees

West St George Young Leaders plant mahogany trees

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Last Thursday, the Young Leaders of the West St. George Secondary School planted 36 mahogany trees at Fenton as a part of their project under the sub-theme “Conserve Water to Preserve life”.{{more}} The president of group, Shurlana Daniel, stated that the reason for planting the trees is to ensure that water is available for future generations, and also as a means of encouraging the Young Leaders to value forested areas.

Additionally, the team of Young Leaders led a march and rally through the communities of Belair and Dauphine last Tuesday, during which over 150 flyers containing information on how water can be conserved in the home were distributed. The Young Leaders, along with the rest of the school body, met at the Dauphine Resource Center, where Joan Ryan, the Public Relations and Marketing Manager of CWSA, gave a presentation which encouraged students to live the theme and to be the ones to encourage their parents to conserve water in their respective homes. Students were also challenged to seek to reduce the amount of water that is used at the school since it remains high.

This Sunday, the Young Leaders will be taking part in a public awareness and sensitization programme at the Doris Mckie Resource Centre in Upper Cane Hall. The purpose of the programme is to encourage residents to use water wisely. The activities for the evening include drama, songs, poems, quizzes, and an educational presentation on water conservation. The programme commences at 3:30pm. The general public is invited.

The Young Leaders wish to express gratitude to the the management of the Building and Loan Association, Skyline Systems and S.G. Defreitas for their financial support.