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LIME teams up with local businesses

LIME teams up with local businesses

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LIME, this country’s leading full service telecommunications provider, officially announced the forging of partnerships with two local businesses here.{{more}} The two businesses are LYNX and Missed Call Tech. Both businesses are known for offering high tech telecommunications solutions to its customers.

This announcement was made at a media conference held at LIME’s Corporate Office on Halifax Street on March 1. Present at the event were Manager of Missed Call Tech, Ishac Antoun, and Lance Oliver, Manager of LYNX.

Both businesses will sell LIME mobile and broadband products as well as team up with the telecommunications company to extend bill payment services to customers.

Missed Call Tech has been operating here for two years and from inception teamed up with LIME to sell etop up.

“This relationship continues to grow over these years, and today we officially announce our partnership with LIME. Today, we also sell mobile handsets and SIM cards because we believe LIME offers a great service and has assisted our business to grow as well,” said Ishac.

Manager of Lynx Lance Oliver is also the owner of Rent and Drive, which has been a partner since 2007. LYNX is a full retail store that offers all products and services including customer services, bill payment, mobile and broadband services. “Our location was the previous LIME store, and this operation is seamless since most persons who are accustomed to coming here originally will come for LIME services. For the last five years the relationship with LIME has been rewarding since LIME offers the best commissions on island,” said Oliver.

Recardo Jackson, Supervisor, Partner Sales and Dealership is very excited about these partnerships and commented: “We have been working with these partners for a while and look forward to seeing these businesses succeed. If they succeed, LIME will succeed. We offer the best commissions and enough incentives to encourage them to be LIME ambassadors.”

Leslie Jack, Head of Retail Sales and Services, opined that with the economic down turn over the last three years, building strategic partnerships is critical to our success. “It is this success that translates into lower rates, quality products and superior customer service, to the direct benefit for all of customers. We have partnered with over 30 local businesses thus far in an effort to encourage local entrepreneurship.

This will have a positive impact on our local economy,” said Jack.

To mark the official announcement, LYNX and Missed Call Tech will be offering Blackberry handsets for as low as $399 with a data plan.