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Petit Bordel Secondary Young Leaders cheer at sports meet

Petit Bordel Secondary Young Leaders cheer at sports meet

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The Young Leaders of the Georgetown Secondary School plan to spread the word of water conservation throughout their community, encouraging the public to save every drop of water for tomorrow.{{more}}

The team launched its project on Monday, February 7, 2011 under the theme “Water: Saving a drop for tomorrow.” The general theme of the RBTT Young Leaders 2010/2011 is “Water: Beyond the Surface, Sustaining life, Securing the Future.”

Speaking to Searchlight during an interview on Tuesday, February 22, 2011, member of the Public Relations team Larica Grant stated that the Young Leaders’ focus is on informing persons of the importance of conserving water, as it is necessary to sustain all life. She added that persons should turn off faucets or standpipes when they are not in use. “So, you can save every drop of water, because every living thing depends on water,” she said.

President of the Young Leaders team Laureen Fraser explained that the team has various activities planned as a part of their project. Plans include community outreaches to Windward and Leeward villages, as far as Sandy Bay and Fancy on the Windward coast and Chateaubelair on the Leeward. The team also plans to visit Bequia’s turtle farm and reservoir. Other activities include a village rally, visits to primary schools in and around their community, to teach students how to conserve water. They will also educate students within their own school on the importance of conserving water.

PRO Caresia Lampkin stated that so far the project is going well. She expressed that it is her hope that at the end of the project the students, as well as others in the communities, learn how to use water without wasting it. Grant added that they hope to continue the efforts of raising awareness about the conservation of water after the project has ended.