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Digicel hosts Blackberry Smartphone seminar

Digicel hosts Blackberry Smartphone seminar

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A Blackberry Smartphone is a device that has many uses and Digicel is making sure that customers get the most from their device.{{more}}

Last Wednesday, February 23, at the Flow Wine Bar on James Street, Digicel held a Blackberry seminar. The event, which was facilitated by St. Lucia based Training Executive Claudette Wilfred, was aimed at showing Blackberry owners how to effectively use their handsets.

Corporate Accounts Manager at Digicel Brenda Barbour said that the company holds the training seminars on a monthly basis, in an attempt to help Blackberry smart phone users get the most out to their handsets. Barbour added that a Blackberry handset can be a very useful device once used properly.

During the seminar, participants heard that a Blackberry can be used as, among other things, a GPS device, a modem, an organizer, a camera, and an Ipod. The Training Exec also used the opportunity to school Blackberry users on useful keyboard shortcuts that can help make the Blackberry experience more satisfying.

As a way of rewarding customers, persons who attended the seminar were given one month’s free data, compliments Digicel.