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West St. George Secondary launches its Young Leaders programme

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The students of the West St. George Secondary School launched their young leaders programme on Friday, February 19, under the theme “Conserve Water to Preserve Life”. The ceremony was held on the school’s compound.{{more}}

Shurlana Daniel, President, West St. George Young Leaders, said that the goal of the West St. George Young Leaders is to equip the students of the West St. George Secondary School, persons in the community and the nation with practical knowledge they can use to conserve water.

She said that their main group project will be a comprehensive research on how water can be conserved in agriculture, manufacturing, hotels and in homes.

Daniel said the highlight of the project will be the implementation of a conservation model that will be developed in a home in Belair.

She encouraged everyone to support the West St. George Secondary School as they endeavor to empower the nation of water conservation.

Asfo Stephens, Principal, West St. George Secondary, said that in 2009, the decision was made for the students of West St. George to be part of the Young Leaders programme.

He said that in 2010, West St. George received the award for most outstanding young leader.

Principal Stephens said that he found the theme to be an appropriate one since there is a need for conservation of water around the world, but most importantly within our nation.

Junior Harry, Representative, Forestry Department, welcomed everyone on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture etc. He said that as we are celebrating the 220th anniversary of the Kings Hill Forest, the theme “conserve water to preserve life” is the perfect theme for highlighting the significance of water conservation to the Vincentian public. He said water should be conserved and also forest resources as much as possible. He urged the students of the West St. George Secondary School to take care of the resources so as to make a cleaner and brighter Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Later next week the Young Leaders of West St. George will be travelling to Fenton where each Young Leader will plant trees.