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Walters calls for info on the Save the Males Committee

Walters calls for info on the Save the Males Committee

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New Consul General to New York, Selmon Walters, held his first meeting with the SVG Diaspora Committee of New York on Saturday, February 12, 2011, at the Friends of Crown Heights Educational Center.{{more}}

Before he addressed the gathering, the Consul General was briefed on the history of the Diaspora Committee. The Consul General heard that the work of the Diaspora Committee has a distinct identity in the context of SVG’s Diaspora relations. The Committee explained its role as an advocacy and advisory body to the government and people of SVG and those in the Diaspora with regard to diaspora affairs and relations. The policy and institution building roles of the Diaspora Committee were stressed. It was pointed out that explicit focus must be placed on the theme of “migration and development”.

In his remarks, the Consul General Selmon Walters expressed excitement concerning his new appointment as Consul General. He noted that he had already sensed the “enthusiasm, eagerness and oneness of the community” and was happy with the diaspora policy document, which had significant input from Vincentians living in New York. He stressed the need to build a database of Vincentians in the diaspora in order to harness skills in the Diaspora. According to him, “This will help in the development of SVG. Our country will benefit from knowing where the expertise is that could be offered by the Diaspora.”

Consul General Walters called for the formation of a ‘Save the Males Committee” to support young men in SVG who he referred to as “an endangered species”. He said “the time has come to intervene, as too many young men are lost.” He noted the need for mentorship and support groups in SVG and New York.

He also stressed the importance of the International Airport to the development of the country and the Diaspora. In addition, Walters wants to see the Vincentian Diaspora Day celebrated wherever Vincentians reside. Moreover, he also called for Diaspora relations to go beyond barrels and remittances and focus on development.