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Digicel pays out EC$17,000 to its loyal customers

Digicel pays out EC$17,000 to its loyal customers

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Last Tuesday February 22, 17 persons left Digicel’s Corporate Offices with a combined total of EC$17,000.{{more}}

Each collected EC$1000 as part of Digicel’s Loyalty Program which seeks, according to Marketing Manager Juno DeRoche, “to reward every customer on Digicel’s network”.

DeRoche explained that the cellular phone numbers are picked by a computer program after which a Digicel staff member calls the number and informs the customer that they have just won EC$1000. If that customer does not answer, their number is placed back into the system to be called again at a later date. Persons with more than one handset are afforded the opportunity to win more than once.

The loyalty program has so far rewarded thousands of customers for their loyalty to the telecommunications company which opened its doors here in 2003 and boasts of revolutionizing the local telecommunications industry.