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Apostolic Faith Mission holds graduation

Apostolic Faith Mission holds graduation

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Go light your world!

The theme selected by the 2010 graduating class of the Apostolic Faith Mission, which held its second graduation last Thursday, February 17, highlighted what the 17 graduates have been charged to do with their knowledge.{{more}}

The students, who were engaged in a two year diploma programme, were admonished to show the same dedication, discipline and sacrifice which they displayed during studies, as they go out into the world to teach the word of God.

The admonition came from Orman Alexander, pastor of the Apostolic Faith Church, Campden Park, where the ceremony was held.

Alexander, also a tutor of the Harvest Time Bible Institute, told the students during the Pastor’s Report that the success of their experience rests in the willingness to go beyond their comfort zones.

“I give God thanks for allowing me to shape you for future ministry. I know how training courses increase your effectiveness for Ministry.

I pray that you are not only a sponge, but to be a light, and I beg of you to move out from here…. Your vibrancy will light those places of darkness; do your best and God will do the rest.”

Featured speaker on the night, Glenda Robinson, in her delivery, offered advice to the graduating class as they made the transition from students to teachers of The Word.

“As Bible believing Christians, we must stand firm on the truth; that there is one way to heaven, and that is through the Lord Jesus Christ….”

“Be tolerant to other viewpoints, but do not yield to the viewpoint that all religions are equal….”

“Be a light in the darkness to lead lost men and women out of darkness….”

“It is important that prayer becomes a part of your everyday life. In prayer you will find grace. There is no substitute for prayer….”

Robinson reminded the graduating class that what was studied would never be enough, and that they had only scratched the surface in their two years of studies.

She said that they should have developed character that would prepare them for the task ahead, and the application of what they were taught is evidence that they have learned.

Valedictorian Randy Boucher, who spoke on behalf of the class, acknowledged the contribution of the tutors, family members and friends who all made their studies bearable and graduation a dream come true.

Boucher, no stranger to valedictory speeches, also admonished his classmates to turn the challenges that they will encounter during their journeys as opportunities.

“Along the journeys, there will be detours, disappointments and heartaches which often represents our difficulties. However, as the prayer suggests, everything is an opportunity for grace, and these challenges must also be seen as opportunities to see Christ.”

During the two years, the graduates were involved in studies of the New Testament, biblical prophecies, doctrines of God, along with other topics and projects.

The other graduates included Cheryl Allen Gumbs, Keziah Browne Malcolm, Cynthia Charles, Leroy Charles, Omoron Commissiong, Gary Delpleche, Jessica Fairbairn, Edris Holder, Lafleur Jacobs, John Jacobs, Joy Kennedy, Sophia Lewis, Sheverne Marshall, Christopher Peters, Enika Peters and Eileen Wilson.