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Vanloo – I want to bake the most amazing cake

Vanloo – I want to bake the most amazing cake

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Amanda ‘Cake Girl’ Vanloo’s personal and artistic approach, when baking and decorating cakes, creates end results that are just amazing.{{more}}

On Wednesday, February 16, the 21-year-old, who is also an artist and designer, sat with SEARCHLIGHT and spoke of her creavity, especially when designing and decorating cakes.

“I don’t like to cut corners,” said Vanloo, noting that she spends at least eight to 12 hours baking and decorating a cake.

“That’s one of the simple ones,” she said with a broad smile.

Vanloo said her early involvement in selling cakes for her mother is a major factor that has contributed to her being more involved in the sale of cakes.

She recalled selling cup cakes and pastries as early as when she was a first form student at the Girls’ High School.

Vanloo said she is taking the craft that she has learned from her mother to a higher level. Instead of using regular cake mix, she explores her artistic skills by using a fondant made from a base of glucose, gelatin and icing sugar. That’s the most she is willing to share for now about her secret in getting her cakes to look the way they do.

She is of the opinion that it’s quite costly to bake and decorate cakes professionally.

“It costs a lot to do what I do, and a lot of time,” she said.

Despite the cost, Vanloo stated that she has been receiving excellent responses from her clients.

“I always inquire of my customers if they’re satisfied and they always speak of the taste and presentation,” said Vanloo.

She added: “ It’s one thing to have a beautiful cake, but it’s got to taste good also.”

While Vanloo’s skills are exceptional, she said she has had to be flexible with the limited ingredients that are available in St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

She said before baking a cake, she would consult with her customers and find out about their interest in areas such as colours, hobbies, etc.

“I try to balance the business with a creative mind,” said Vanloo.

“Once a customer buys a cake, they will come back. They won’t come back everyday, but when an event is coming up, they will have me in mind,” said Vanloo, who received an award from Invest SVG in 2010 for up-and-coming designer.

“I want to bake the most amazing cake,” she said.

She said a cake resembling a baby booty is one of her most cherished decorations.

“I said ‘Wow’ when I saw the finished product,” said Vanloo.

Last Wednesday, Vanloo also took pleasure in displaying photos of cakes that she had decorated, such as Hulk and a jewellery box.

Vanloo said that she believes her colourful side, as well as her love for music, are displayed when decorating cakes.

She said her goal is to build her clientele and capitalize on the corporate sector, as well as tourists who may be interested in having cakes done when they arrive here.

Persons interested in viewing Vanloo’s portfolio can do so on Facebook, at Amanda CakeGirl Vanloo.(HN)