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Private, Public sector attend sustainable livelihood symposium

Private, Public sector attend  sustainable livelihood symposium

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Persons representing various private and public sector groups were involved in a one day symposium and panel discussion on the issue of sustainable livelihood and development at the training room of the National Insurance Services (NIS) on Wednesday, February 16.{{more}}

According to Cecil Ryan, Managing Director of Project Promotions Limited (PPL), the objective of the symposium was to increase people’s understanding of the environment and how they can better adapt to it.

He added that leading up to Wednesday’s event were a number of sessions involving groups to see how persons were able to use the resources made available to them in the natural environment to improve their livelihoods.

“Today’s session is really a culmination of what we’ve been doing and to give some theoretical and broader perspective on the whole thing,” Ryan told SEARCHLIGHT.

The project is in its second year of implementation, he further explained.

“Before today we had been engaged in a number of activities,” he said.

These included workshops, surveys, radio programs, and according to Ryan, the project was also targeting fisherfolk and farmers.

The entire project is funded by the Organization of American States (OAS) Special Multi-lateral Fund for Integral Development at a cost of USD $115,760.

Melene Glynn, OAS local representative, said the funding of programs such as those that deal with sustainable resource management was a significant component of the work of the OAS, particularly as it dealt with the issue of poverty alleviation.

“Humans are entitled to healthy lives in harmony with active development strategies,” Glynn explained.

She further contended that poverty alleviation was an integral part of sustainable development and that the OAS remained committed to its member states in addressing the issue.

Glynn was of the view that despite the many achievements, there was still more work left to be done in the creation of environmentally and socially sustainable viable options.

“Clearly there has to be a change in action to our relationship with the environment as we move forward,” she stated.

Meanwhile, the Managing Director of Project Promotions Ltd said that he will be putting forward a proposal for funding to advance some of the recommendations that came out of the symposium.

“I know it is going to be difficult, but I am hoping to raise resources locally and abroad to see how we could continue the work coming out during the past 2 years,” Ryan said. (DD)