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Domestic dispute ends in youth’s death

Domestic dispute ends in youth’s death

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Paula Exeter, the aunt of Kianna Sam, the young woman arrested in connection with the stabbing death of Gerrard Acquah of Union Island, said her niece confided in her that she was being strangled on the night of the incident and had to defend herself.{{more}}

When SEARCHLIGHT visited Exeter’s Ashton residence on Friday, February 18, she said Sam had been taken into custody shortly after 10 p.m. the night before.

Exeter said that she regretted the tragedy, but there was a series of events that had led to the passing of Acquah.

“I feel real bad because Gerrard would have been alive, if it wasn’t for the fighting. Because every minute they fighting, you know,” said Exeter.

Exeter said last Thursday night, Kianna came home covered in blood. The woman recalled that when she asked her niece what had happened, the young woman told her that she was involved in a fight with Acquah.

According to Exeter, prior to Thursday’s tragedy, Sam had made several reports to the Union Island police. She recalled that, on one occasion, her niece was knocked out by the young man.

“Since the police came and warned him, I hardly does see him come,” said Exeter.

Exeter said on the night of Tuesday, February 15, Sam gave the couple’s two-month-old baby to Acquah and asked him not to come back.

“When she gave him the baby, Tuesday night, and I asked her why she did that, she said it was done to keep him away from her. Let him take the child and go with it and don’t harass her.

“He was upset and he brought back the child for me and when I called her, she said give him back the child: if that’s a part of getting him out of her life, give him the child,” said Exeter.

Exeter recalled that on that same night, Acquah told her that he was going to kill Sam.

Exeter said on the morning of the day that Acquah was killed, Sam had told her that she got pregnant after Acquah forced himself on her.

“They were finished when she get the child…. All of that we were talking in the kitchen, yesterday morning,” said Exeter.

She said that Sam and Acquah had a tumultuous relationship, which had lasted for about three years prior to the relationship ending.

“It was terrible,” said Exeter.

Exeter said last June, Sam got baptized and made it clear to Acquah that they could not continue with their relationship.

“I am not trying to bring him down, because everybody knows this is how he is. He could have cool his temper,” said Exeter. (HN)