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Wright, Jackson win Total Inspiration 100.5 Valentines Love Letter Promotion

Wright, Jackson win Total Inspiration 100.5 Valentines Love Letter Promotion

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Some say it with flowers. Some say it with chocolate. Others say it with a romantic dinner.

Two young men said it with love letters, and earned themselves all of the above and more, in the Total Inspiration 100.5 Valentines Love Letter Promotion.{{more}}

Adrian Wright and Junior Jackson, one married, one dating, won their better halves a Valentine’s Day gift to remember, by beating out dozens of other letter writers who not only hoped of winning the above prizes but also a weekend for two at Grenadine House, a sponsor of the event.

As part of the Grenadine House weekend ‘Staycation’, the winners also received dinner for two last night at the hotel situated at Kingstown Park.

The winners also received flowers compliments Flowers and Fragrances and a chocolate from Charles Chocolate, which is distributed by Frank B. Armstrong as part of the two week promotion.

Participants in the promotion were asked to write a romantic letter to the gospel radio station, a member of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Broadcasting Corporation (SVGBC), giving details on how they met their partners, what transpired during their courtship and, among other things, how they became a celebrated couple.

Jackson, a student of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College Division of Teaching, wrote in his letter (published in Searchlight Midweek on February 15, 2011) that he was guided by God to finding true love.

In an excerpt from his letter, read by SVGBC Marketing Manager Candice Sealy, Jackson wrote: “The grace of God led me to my repentance and I was allowed to taste and see the real love that is only found in Christ Jesus…. That’s how I met her. I had never before come across a young woman that had loved the Lord so much. Her entire life was about Christ and I remember thinking ‘So this is what a woman of virtue is like’….”

In Wright’s letter (published in Searchlight Midweek on February 15, 2011), he wrote of his first encounter with his wife of six years Shelly-Ann: “One rainy evening, a group of students from another high school ascended the stairs. Immediately one of them caught my attention, and I was captivated by her beauty.

But, unfortunately, I was too shy to try to talk to her, so I remained in my seat just staring at her intensely, burning her image onto my brain.

That evening I observed everything about her. I felt like an idiot for letting her slip away so easily and didn’t even take the opportunity to go and talk to her….”

The winners expressed elation to have won the prizes and indicated that they were inspired to write their letters because of the love they feel for their mates.

Jackson said that his letter was also a testimony of what God can do for those who love him, and he used the opportunity to encourage young people to seek God first in everything they do.

Wright, accompanied by his wife, said that he was inspired to write because of the many fun memories he and his wife have shared over the years, and he wanted to share some of those moments with others. (JJ)