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NDP may face legal action

NDP may face legal action

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Legal action may be taken against the Opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) for failure to comply with the conditions that were outlined by Commissioner of Police Keith Miller prior to the staged protest march on February 8.{{more}}

In a letter dated February 10, 2011, to Allan Cruickshank, General Secretary of the NDP, the Commissioner officially informed the general secretary of the NDP of “your failure and/or blatant refusal to comply with the conditions which were stipulated for the preservation of good order or public safety during the said event on Tuesday, February 8.”

“As a result, I will be forwarding the relevant information to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for his attention and direction accordingly,” the letter continued.

A copy of the correspondence between the Commissioner and Cruickshank on February 7 outlined the route which the NDP was to strictly adhere to.

According to the document, the route was as follows: “From the area of the Market Square directly opposite the main entrance to the court house yard, along the southern lane of Grenville and Halifax Streets, turning right onto the western lane of South River Road, then turning right onto the southern lane of Bay Street and culminating on the side-walk directly infront of the Administrative Centre.”

It also outlined the conditions on which permission was granted to proceed with the event.

Included in the conditions were: the free flow of traffic must not be hindered; the event must cease at the time specified (between 10:30 a.m and 6:00 p.m); participants must not be boisterous so as to interfere with the business at the Administrative Centre; participants must refrain from using abusive, indecent, insulting, inciting, profane or threatening language; other members of the public must be allowed to go about their business without interference and the entrance and exit at the Administrative Centre must be kept clear at all times.

The conditions also stipulated that the operation of the taxi stand in front of the Administrative Centre must not be disrupted and the use of a public address system/amplified sound was prohibited.(DD)