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Bowman robbed: Thankful to God for sparing his life

Bowman robbed: Thankful to God for sparing his life

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Curtis Bowman is citing divine intervention for sparing his life and that of his wife, their newborn and three year old son during a robbery at their home during the wee hours of the morning of Tuesday, February 15.{{more}}

Bowman, a resident of Richland Park and the New Democratic Party’s Marriaqua candidate in the just concluded general elections, said that he and his family were asleep at their home when the incident happened.

The pharmacist explained that he was awakened and saw shadows.

He said that to his dismay, he saw two men armed with cutlasses making their way into the bedroom where he and his family slept.

“I was lying on my bed sleeping when I heard a sound, but I believe it was the Lord who opened my eyes at that moment,” Bowman told SEARCHLIGHT.

“At first I thought it was my wife, but then I saw another head and I got concerned,” Bowman recalled.

He said that he jumped up, at that point he saw the cutlass and he said that he thought about his family.

“I thought to myself, these guys in here with cutlass, like they come to kill us?”

That was when Bowman said he made a decision to take the matter into his own hands and make an attempt at protecting his family.

He said that he approached the two men and they fled. That was when he saw a third man also fleeing the scene.

Bowman said that each assailant’s head was wrapped, and with a bandanna across his face, and two of them carried cutlasses.

The men forced themselves in through a door at the front of the house, Bowman said.

He said he is thankful that the men only took off with four cellular phones and an undisclosed amount of cash.

The men also ransacked the living and dining room, all of which went on while he was asleep, Bowman told SEARCHLIGHT.

“It was definitely God in all of this, I give Him thanks and praise that I am alive today,” he said.

This event took place less than one week after Edwin Robinson died after being shot during an armed robbery at his shop in Cane End, also in the Marriaqua Valley last Wednesday, February 9. (DD)