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Bishop’s College Kingstown launches Young Leaders

Bishop’s College Kingstown launches Young Leaders

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Highlighting the need for Vincentians to practice effective water management and conservation, the RBTT Bishop’s College Kingstown Young Leaders officially launched their programme on Thursday, February 10.{{more}}

Held at the school’s premises, the launch was staged under the theme ‘Pure water: The key to survival – Think globally, act locally’.

President of the group Chekesha King, in her address, outlined a few of the plans that the group intends to execute during the programme. King revealed that they will partner with the Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA) in an effort to provide citizens nationwide with new water connections, along with prepared literature on effective water management and conservation.

As the only Secondary School in the urban community that has Agricultural Science on its curriculum, King said they also plan to create an efficient irrigation system for the school’s Agricultural Science garden.

Commemorative book marks will soon be on sale and a portion of the proceeds will go towards the United Nations water project in South Africa.

“As elected president, I plan to dedicate my time, efforts, talents and resources towards these causes. I urge my fellow young leaders to do likewise,” she implored.

Feature speaker Symantha George, Public Relations and marketing Assistant at CWSA, gave the young leaders an insight about the importance of water and how it should be used.

George said a lot of clean water is wasted when persons wash their vehicles, shower, brush teeth and excessively water their lawns. George appealed to the students to turn off water taps while brushing their teeth, and open to rinse.

She also urged the students to take shallow baths, reuse bath water to wet the lawn and take short showers.

George noted that this country has 12 active water catchments that supply 10 major storage tanks. These tanks hold a combined capacity of 5,004,900 gallons of water, which is supplied to customers of the CWSA.

“It is the CWSA’s responsibility and part of our mission statement that we have ample resources to supply the highest quality water to our customers. The CWSA is committed to constant improvement in the services we provide,” she said.

A poem entitled ‘Save water’ was done by Faylicia John. Brief remarks were made by Agriculture Science teacher Conroy Huggins.

Young leaders from other schools also were on hand to witness the launch.

The official theme for this year’s young leaders programme is, ‘Water: Beyond the surface, sustaining life, securing our future’.