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SJCM joins the RBTT Young Leaders programme

SJCM joins the RBTT Young Leaders programme

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St Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua is participating in the RBTT Young Leaders programme again with an exciting project. Water: Beyond the Surface, Sustaining life, Securing the Future is the theme for 2010-2011.{{more}}

SJCM has taken the sub theme: Conserve Water, Preserve the Future. The group, which consists of 48 young leaders, has chosen to catch the rain water and use it in a meaningful way by starting a hydroponics system, which was announced at their launch on Thursday, February 3, 2011, by President Tiffany Duncan. Duncan also indicated that as part of their project they will be going to schools and farmers to talk about conservation of water and hydroponics, which is an innovative way of growing vegetables in a water solution.

The launch also included a dance, a skit, a performance by Antonia Ross, and presentation by Joan Ryan, CWSA PRO, who encouraged the Young Leaders and spoke of the importance of conserving water.

Sister Jacinta Wallace, Principal, also congratulated the group in their endeavour and hoped that the experience will help to develop them as leaders. The SJCM Young Leaders have a Facebook page and continue to fundraise and seek support for their project.