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Salvation Army Colonels to visit SVG

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The territorial leaders of the Salvation Army Churches of the Caribbean will travel to St. Vincent to assist the local church with any issues it may be facing at this time.{{more}}

Major Pierre Antoine, head of the local Salvation Army, speaking to Searchlight, stated that the leaders, Colonels Onal and Edmane Castor, will be in the island from Wednesday, February 16 to the 21, 2011.

The visit, which is the first for the leaders, will include several meetings with the Salvation Army Church; leaders of other Churches, and the Governor General, Prime Minister and Opposition Leader. Antoine stated that their main purpose for the visit here is to “uplift the work of the Salvation Army” and to assist the local church with any needs that they may have. Antoine said that the Salvation Army here is looking forward to the Colonels’ visit.

Colonels Onal and Edmane Castor have been officers of the Salvation Army for 30 and 29 years, respectively. They were appointed as Colonels, leaders of the Salvation Army Caribbean Territories, in May 2009. They were also appointed as Territorial Commander and Territorial President of Women’s Ministries, respectively.(OS)