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I will take the first bullet, says Leacock

I will take the first bullet, says Leacock

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Elected parliamentarian for the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) St. Claire Leacock has made it clear that he is ready and willing to die for what he believes in.{{more}}

The parliamentary representative for Central Kingstown, who is affectionately known as “The Major”, called on supporters to stand their ground after being boxed in at Heritage Square during last Tuesday’s protest march and rally.

The protestors were kept in that area for more than an hour, when Leacock took to the party’s public address system and told police officers that he, being a man of the uniform, understands the importance of following orders, but has to make a decision of defiance.

“In the interest of the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, I will take the first bullet because we will not retreat a single inch today in freedom square.”

If you do not move your trucks, then we will not move. We want to get to the administration centre to peacefully picket that centre; if you do not move, we will not move.”

Leacock, who gave the area the name ‘Freedom Square’, insisted that the rally be held where they were, instead of proceeding to Bay Street, where the Prime Minister’s office is situated.

He called his party supporters to ‘strike a blow for democracy’ by staying on the square and standing their ground for freedom and justice, which he said was being taken away by a ‘quartet of power’.

“Four people are ruling St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Ralph Gonsalves, his cousin Julian Francis, the Speaker of the House (Hendrick Alexander), and the DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions Collin Williams).”

“You did not vote for the Spea ker of the House, you did not vote for Julian Francis. You thirty thousand people voted for us in the NDP and they cheated us out of an election victory.”

“St. Vincent is not Ralph Gonsalves’ estate and you must strike a blow for freedom today. We are going to do a public meeting here if they don’t want us to go forward and we can’t go backward; we will stand our ground.” (JJ)