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Peters now more secure with Guardsman

Peters now more secure with Guardsman

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Blondia Peters is the winner of a burglar alarm kit, plus three months monitoring, patrol and response, compliments Guardsman SVG Ltd.{{more}}

Peters’ name was selected at last Friday’s drawing of the Guardsman Christmas promotion.

Patrice Browne was the second prize winner of a 50 percent discount on a burglar alarm kit, plus three months monitoring and notification, while Halson Daniel placed third. He would receive a 30 percent discount plus two months monitoring and notification.

A total of 10 consolation prize winners were also drawn and will each receive a 20 percent discount, plus one month monitoring and notification. They are:

Philbert Jackson, Carolyn Nelson, Oslyn Jacobs, Betty Medford, Helmus Cozier, Lynton Greaves, Bernette Richards, Sindie Phillips, Donette Johnson-Brudy and Lou-Anne Chance.

Guardsman SVG Ltd General Manager Nyasha Browne said the promotion was open to all Guardsman clients and their employees.

Browne also noted that it is the first time that the company has reached out to its customers in an effort to further enhance business relations.