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LIAT calls for elimination of bureaucratic walls

LIAT calls for elimination of bureaucratic walls

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A call has been made for regional legislators to eliminate what has been termed as “policies and bureaucracies” that put up unnecessary barriers, which in turn hinder the further development of the cargo business.{{more}}

The call was made last Tuesday by Wilbur Edwards, LIAT’s Director of Cargo and Quikpak, on the occasion of the launch of LIAT Cargo in Barbados.

“There are certain regulations that drive up the cost of doing business, and these hindrances are allowed to flourish rather than eliminated,” Edwards told members of the media.

“There are jurisdictions where you have to provide meals to Government workers if you operate one minute after four o’clock. There are jurisdictions where you have to pay a minimum of 3 hours overtime if you require 15 minutes coverage, there are jurisdictions where you have to pay the taxi drivers’ published rate to each staff driving home, even though they would have done so with or without overtime,” he continued.

Edwards further contended that while these costs may have driven away a lot of businesses, LIAT had nowhere to run.

“These policies may be difficult to abolish right away as some may be enshrined in law, but they stand in the way of success and they should be eradicated with haste,” he said.

Acting Chief Executive Officer Brian Challenger chimed in saying that the presence of outdated and rigid bureaucratic practices which significantly raise cargo costs proved to be a serious challenge to cargo services.

He, too, explained that while the rules may have once been applicable, they served as fetters to trade and cost effective operations.

“We hope that our regional policy makers will work to eliminate these outdated bureaucratic leftovers and allow the consumer to benefit from a streamlined and efficient customs service,” Challenger said.(DD)