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Senator tells Speaker: I want to finish… you are interrupt…!

Senator tells Speaker: I want to finish… you are interrupt…!

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Opposition Senator Anesia Baptiste got on the wrong side of the Speaker of the House Hendrick Alexander last Thursday, January 27, for ignoring his request to move off a matter.{{more}}

The drama unfolded during the closing minutes of the Senator’s contribution to the budgetary debate, while she was making a point about the allocation of money in the 2011 budget to the tourism sector.

Her point prompted a response from Minister of Tourism Saboto Caesar, followed by cross talk between Baptiste, Caesar and the representative for the Northern Grenadines, Godwin Friday.

Alexander, in an attempt to restore order, indicated to the members that he was “not going to entertain the argument any longer”, before telling Baptiste that she had one minute remaining.

Baptiste, however, rose and continued on the same subject, which prompted an interjection from the Speaker, who again instructed the Senator to move off the topic.

“But Mr. Speaker, I am referring to the Estimates,” Baptiste said.

“I understand that, but I said you have said enough on that issue,” Alexander responded.

Baptiste persisted, saying, “But I just have one point I want to finish and you are interrupt…”

“You can’t tell the Speaker he interrupting you – please take your seat!” Alexander demanded, adding, “What kind of disorder is this?”

Baptiste recanted the comment saying that she should not have used the word interrupted, but that she was cut off from finishing a thought.

She, however, was not allowed to wrap up her presentation, after she rose and attempted to make a point about budget cuts.

The Speaker stopped her, saying that she had indeed “gone over the extra time allotted.”(DD)