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Herbalist advises Vincentians to use bush medicine

Herbalist advises Vincentians to use bush medicine

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Local herbalist Edwin ‘Son-J’ Johnson believes that herbal medicine should be at the forefront of Vincentians’ consciousness.{{more}}

The Greggs resident, who has been promoting natural living for the past 14 years, said in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Monday, January 24, that herbal medicine, a proper diet, physical awareness and supplementation on a daily basis would prevent the need for pharmaceutical drugs.

He says that herbal medicines are just as good, or maybe better, and in some circumstances, safer.

“I am not saying that pharmaceutical drugs are bad in itself; I’m just saying that the poisoning and overdose are greater.”

“Except for HIV/AIDS, there is nothing now that we cannot heal herbally. That’s the one thing that they have over us, is that they could keep a person alive by increasing the cocktail that they give to people.”

Johnson, who claims to have the natural cures for more than 40 ailments, which include period pains, dental health, cancer, sexual stamina and acid reflux, among a host of others, said that pharmaceutical drugs should only be used in cases of emergency.

Johnson, also called ‘The Bush Doctor’ by many, once had an ambition of becoming a medical doctor; but he said his calling came when he sold herbal books for a living and wanted to satisfy the many questions that were being asked by his customers.

“The way people were buying the books, it was as if they were looking for answers and they could not find it in the medical field, and so I decided to get involved.”

The young entrepreneur studied under local herbalists like Jerry Haywood and Grafton ‘Tampoco’ Soleyn, before travelling overseas to further his education in the field.

He admitted that some persons are very skeptical about his profession and have misconceptions about what he and persons like him do for a living, and warned that pharmaceutical manufacturers are mainly interested in profit making and not necessarily healing.

“Most people have this popular opinion, which is that we just go and boil herbs, but there are a lot of us who are trained; who hop on planes to go and study how to administer these things.”

“What is sad is that a few people are now discovering that the whole pharmaceutical superstructure is about profit making; they can make cures, but they are looking at how much they can fill in their coffers….”

“In terms of the pharmaceutical companies who make these products and say there is no cure- that’s a lie. They only say that because the want to keep people for the rest of their lives buying medicine.”

Not one to give away his secret recipes, Johnson singled out the herb sarsaparilla as a wonder worker, which is used in most of his herbal cures; and spoke of others that can prevent disorders such as diabetes and goiter.

With a shop situated in the Kingstown Central Market (number five shop called Life Saver), Johnson said that he

also offers nutritional guidance, which along with the more

than 40 products, would help persons stay healthier and live longer.

“Most people believe we just boil bush; the herbs are just one part of the chain.”

“The foundation of good health is cleansing… the colon, the blood and the liver… Then after that, you build back the immune system… then after that, you have proper diet and proper sleep practices and so forth….”

Johnson also advised that, as much as possible, persons avoid sugars, white flour, dairy products and meats, which he said are responsible for many of the medical ailments that Vincentians are faced with. (JJ)