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FCB teaches finances to public

FCB teaches finances to public

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More than 40 participants who attended the series of seminars conducted by financial institution First Citizens Bank last year, were this week recognized for their loyal participation.{{more}}

This took place at the Grenadine House, on Wednesday, January 26, as the bank also recognized its clients in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the process.

The seminars, called the Intelligent Investment Series, were held on a monthly basis, at the Frenches House in Kingstown.

Branch Manager Norlann Gabriel said that the bank decided to reward the participants with certificates of accomplishment, for making the effort and giving of their time to gain information beneficial to their financial livelihood.

“We exposed the public to a lot of information that they would not have gotten ordinarily,” Gabriel said during Wednesday’s event, which took the form of a cocktail.

The certificates were distributed by Jason Julien, General Manager of First Citizens Investment Services and Carole Eleuthere-Jean Marie, Regional Manager of the Trinidad and Tobago headquartered institution.

Following the distribution of the certificates, Jean Marie congratulated the recipients for their participation, discipline and commitment to the series with its wide range of topics.

“I am sure those of you who did the full series can attest to the intensity of it and the thoroughness of the presentation. We want you to encourage other persons to attend these seminars whenever they come around, because the more educated we are about the events, is the more we are able to understand financially the decisions that we have to make….”

Earlier that evening, Julien reminded those present that First Citizens Bank was the largest and highest rated indigenous bank in the Caribbean with over 10 billion dollars in assets and one hundred million US dollars worth of profit.

“First Citizens acquired CMMB (Caribbean Money Market Brokers) in 2009, and since then a lot of things have improved in terms of greater strength, access to resources and greater capabilities to serve you, our clients.”

Julien said that his institution will always stand primarily for customer service and customer excellence, which will always be their key mantra.

“As we continue to grow right here in St., Vincent and the Grenadines, we hope to deepen those relationships and those partnerships, even as the economies go through different cycles… the relationship with our customers will always be central and core and stable.”

“In the year 2011, we hope to do a few interesting things… get better products for you here on the ground, be able to serve you better with new systems and to get an improved location, and that really is our focus.”

The manager also thanked the local staff, which also consists of Jonel Davis and Alma Richardson, for the work that they have been doing over the years.