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Opposition Leader claims he has evidence of cheating by ULP

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The Opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) has accused newcomer Luke Browne of cheating during the special 15-day period of registration.

Speaking at a press conference last Thursday, November 25, Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace said that he knows for a fact and that there is evidence to prove that the cheating allegation is accurate.{{more}}

“I come to this press conference in an angry mood, angered by the fact that our democracy is being threatened,” Eustace said.

“We are dealing with a moral issue and it is a pity a young man just beginning his political career could be so led astray at this early stage,” he continued, saying that the NDP had quietly been compiling information.

“Today we know for a fact and we have evidence of cheating by the Gonsalves administration.”

Vynnette Frederick, Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the NDP gave detailed information on a popular morning talk show where she said that she had evidence that Browne was transporting persons from outside the constituency to be registered.

According to Eustace, the democracy of the country was being jeopardized.

“That is totally unacceptable to us and we will not tolerate it!” he declared.

The Leader of the Opposition said that the NDP is prepared to take whatever action was necessary to deal with the matter.

Eustace disclosed two proposed actions of his party, including setting up of cameras “in every voters’ line in this country” and calling for the removal of the registering officer in East Kingstown.

He also said that the party will be submitting the information to the Supervisor of Elections.

Dr Linton Lewis, the NDP’s Chairman, said that the party will be making a determination on the way forward, saying that the issue can be raised after the election.

However Supervisor of Elections, Sylvia Findlay-Scrub told SEARCHLIGHT in relation to the question of the legality of the NDP placing cameras at polling stations, her office will follow the advice of the Ministry of Legal Affairs.

Scrub also defended her staff saying that she had every confidence in her registering officers and their assistants.

She further contended that she was confident that the officers were working in the interest of the system, without fear or favour. (DD)