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Eustace calls on PM to join in appeal for peace

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Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace has called on Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves to cross the party divide and join him in an appeal for peace.{{more}}

“I invite the Prime Minister to make a joint statement with me at a joint press conference to appeal for a peaceful, free and fair election – for the sake of our country,” Eustace said in a statement released yesterday.

“I invite the Prime Minister to stand for peace and democracy in this country – which is right in the eyes of the people and in the eyes of God. There is no victory for our country if political supporters resort to physical violence. This matter not just about an election, it is about the next generation…setting the right example for them,” Eustace said.

His call came days after reports that supporters of both the Unity Labour Party (ULP) of which Gonsalves is leader, and Eustace’s New Democratic Party (NDP) had been victims of politically motivated attacks.

Eustace said on Sunday, November 28, yet another violent incident took place between party supporters of the ULP and NDP in Central Kingstown.

“I do not wish to go into details of the incident. I merely wish to respond to the recurring violence,” the Leader of the Opposition said.

“I am fearful of what will happen to our country if this violence continues. I will not condone any violent conduct perpetrated by members of the NDP or members of the ULP done in the name of politics. It must stop, now,” Eustace reiterated.

On Monday, November 22, Gonsalves, responding to attacks on three female ULP supporters, said “We have a lot of hypocrisy from the opposition and their thugs are setting up on our own supporters and they are the ones saying that they want peace.”

“They speaking peace and waging war; the people of this country must know this,” said Gonsalves.

“They have turned to violence and desperation as they waging war while preaching peace,” he said.