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Mother apeals for assistance

Mother apeals for assistance

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Velda Ralph is a frustrated, unemployed single parent, who does not know where else to turn to seek assistance for her ailing daughter, Tiffany Ralph, whose kidneys are failing her.{{more}}

Ralph said she is trying feverishly to seek medical attention for her daughter overseas, but that task seems remote.

She noted that she is seeking the assistance of persons to donate to account number 114003 at the National Commercial Bank (NCB), but was told that her account has been dormant for more than a year and she would have to go through certain steps to have people donating to her account.

“I ain work in a while, so me aint have no money and them just telling me I have to get this and that first. I just need some help fo me daughter,” she bemoaned.

SEARCHLIGHT first learnt of Ralph’s plight on November 12, when her 13 year-old was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome and System Lupus Erythematosus, both of which cause swelling of her kidneys and Liver, resulting in an enlarged stomach.

Velda noted that Tiffany was released from the hospital earlier this week after spending nearly three weeks there.

She said Tiffany constantly tells her that she misses school and she wants to get better.

“Is nearly every night I crying because me ain’t know what to do,” she sobbed.

Velda said she would be thankful for any help to her and her child until she can sort out the issue at the bank.

Since she does not have a cellular phone, Velda is hopeful that persons can still make a donation to her by contacting her neighbours Jocelyn Richards at telephone number 528-3280, and Jeff at 433-0180.