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Calypsonian blames politics for gun attack

Calypsonian blames politics for gun attack

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Calypsonian Selwyn ‘Jinny’ Delpesche is adamant that the attempt made to end his life last Thursday, November 18, was politically motivated.{{more}}

Delpesche, who had performed and spoken at a New Democratic Party (NDP) meeting in Mesopotamia, said that he had gotten home shortly after midnight when the attack occurred.

He told SEARCHLIGHT that he had received a ride home, but was dropped off a short distance from his gate.

“I was walking towards my house and the gunman was probably waiting on the western side of my house,” Delpesche said, adding that he managed to get to the front porch.

Delpesche, of Evesham. contended that he may have been lucky, as the person waiting perhaps anticipated that he would have been dropped off directly at his gate. He said he may have caught the person off-guard.

“As soon as I pull the door, the first shot fired,” Jinny recalled. He explained that the shot was fired in the direction of his abdomen.

Delpesche said a protruding wall might have been responsible for saving his life. He added that he managed to jump inside the house and closed the door.

The calypsonian said that the gunman fired two additional shots in quick succession.

“The gunman probably thought I was lying in front the door, so he fired one low down to the ground,” he explained, stating that the gunman fired off another shot before leaving the scene.

Delpesche, however, said that he does not believe that any high-ranking member within the Unity Labour Party (ULP) master-minded the attack.

“I ain’t believe that the representative (of Marriaqua) had anything to do with it,” he told SEARCHLIGHT.

“I just believe that it was an angry supporter, who probably, me and them had something before and who was listening to the meeting because it was coming live on radio,” Delpesche said.

He said as an entertainer he goes out and returns home late at nights.

“This was not the first political meeting I attended. I attended all so far and am accustomed to walking home from Carriere, Kelbourney, Riley,” he said.

“So it was not like someone was trying to kill me and I was in hiding and they now got the opportunity.

“They choose that night because I was really rough on Mrs. Miguel,” Delpesche admitted.

“And the whole crowd in Marriaqua was in a frenzy,” he continued, saying that this may have angered one of the ULP supporters.

He said that he was not able to say definitely how many assailants were present, but said that the police recovered 4 shells and a knife.

Delpesche took the opportunity to ask the people for peace and to be mature in dealing with their democracy.

“Because at the end of the day, somebody have to win and we all have to live here.” (DD)