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Senior Magistrate: Come out of gang warfare and go to school!

Senior Magistrate: Come out of gang warfare and go to school!

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Since 2007, more than eleven young men who appeared before Senior Magistrate Donald Browne were subsequently killed.{{more}}

This startling statistic was revealed by Browne, on Monday, November 15, during a sitting of the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, while he issued a stern warning to the nation’s youth about the perils of gang life, crime and violence.

Browne at the time was scolding a 15-year-old who was said to be part of a gang and was charged in connection with an altercation with another youngster.

“Come out of gang warfare and go to school. If you find yourself in any gang situation, come out of it,” Browne warned.

Prosecutor Sergeant Glenford Gregg, informed the court that the virtual complainant told police that they (including the 15 year-old) were from gangs called “Murderville” and “Militant”, which hail from two rivaling communities.

“I am glad that the virtual complainant said that. Now I know what is going on,” Browne said.

The outspoken magistrate added: “We have to balance our society or if we do not do that, we would have them killing one another,” he said.

Browne noted that since 2007, over 11 young men between the ages of 20 and 25, who had appeared before him, were killed. Recalliing one of the crimes, Browne said he had given bail to Reuben Small, Omoro Bowens and Javon Antoine just before he headed to Trinidad on a trip.

“While I was in Trinidad, I got a call saying the three men were killed in Lowmans,” he recalled.

Browne also mentioned the name of Helair Cuffy, whom he noted appeared before him on several occasions. Cuffy was gunned down in Gibson Corner in 2008.

“I am here to see if we can turn St Vincent around. We need to do something,”Browne asserted.