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Secretary to Leader of the Opposition allegedly assaulted

Secretary to Leader of the Opposition allegedly assaulted

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Rishatha Nicholls, personal secretary to Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace, is alleged to have been assaulted on Tuesday, November 16.{{more}}

According to Eustace, the incident occurred sometime around 6 pm when Nicholls, who was observing the registration proceedings at the Rockies Community Centre as an agent for the New Democratic Party (NDP), was sitting on a wall.

Eustace contended that the woman saw a man whom she knows on a first name basis. She asked the man for his surname, which he told her.

“Another gentleman who had nothing to do with the process at all approached Mrs Nicholls and said ‘Why she asking people their names?’” Eustace told SEARCHLIGHT.

The Opposition Leader said that the man then grabbed Nicholls by the throat and a brief struggle then ensued.

Nicholls is said to have received minor injuries which required treatment.

The alleged assailant was subsequently arrested and according to Eustace is in custody.

Nicholls, however, refused to make any comment on the matter when SEARCHLIGHT contacted her on Wednesday. (DD)