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O’Neal: ‘Our Party is being discriminated against’

O’Neal: ‘Our Party is being discriminated against’

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The SVG Green Party has written to the Supervisor of Elections, Sylvia Findlay, complaining that their party is being discriminated against by the Government.{{more}}

In an open letter issued on Tuesday, November 16, the Party said soon after Parliament was prorogued on Monday, November 15: “SVG Green Party received an outrageous letter from the ULP Cabinet, informing us that Cabinet has decided that concessions on motor vehicles, manifestoes, public address systems and other general election equipment, will only be granted to political parties which are represented in the Parliament.”

The SVG Green Party is not represented in Parliament.

“This decision excludes SVG Green Party from the concessions that it is entitled to. The decision is a blatant affront to free and fair elections, and threatens the democracy within SVG,” the letter to Findlay said.

“SVG Green Party is a registered political party with the telephone as its symbol. This discrimination, where the ULP and NDP receive concessions which could amount to over one million dollars and SVG Green Party is excluded, is totally unacceptable and an abuse of power,” the letter continued.

The SVG Green Party is requesting equal and fair treatment under Section 33 of the Representation of the Peoples Act 1982.

“Public funds being used by the NDP and ULP to gain a political advantage in the December 13, 2010, SVG General Election is “unfair and undemocratic” the letter, which was signed by Leader and Co-founder of the Party Ivan O’Neal and Executive Member Ras Bongo Shines, said.