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Diana opens another Jerk Centre at Villa

Diana opens another Jerk Centre at Villa

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Lovers of jerk pork and chicken no longer have to wonder where to find a quality meal – just head to Diana’s Jerk Centre and get the best in a wide variety of jerk dishes.{{more}}

This week marks Diana’s Jerk Centre’s fifth week of operation at the former Club Marcomay, also formerly known as Club 40/40, at Villa.

The business is operated by Jamaican born Diana Nedd and her Vincentian husband Ashley Nedd.

Their menu includes jerk pork, jerk chicken, jerk fish, jerk duck, and jerk goat lunches and much more. Festivals and bammy complete the dishes.

Apart from jerk, Diana’s Jerk Centre will also be providing lunches, inclusive of curried goat, stew beef, fried fish, ox tail and stewed chicken.

And persons interested in ackee and saltfish should call and make their requests.

Patrons of the business will have lunches available to them from 11a.m. daily. However, they need not worry about closing hours, because the business will remain open and prepare food for customers as long as their cravings last.

Plans are in motion to stage a big jerk fest on Saturday, November 27, at Diana’s Jerk Centre.

“We’ll always have food. Even if we’re short of one, there’ll be the choice of something else. At Diana’s, if you decide you’re going to want some food, we’ll prepare it right away, if you’re prepared to wait,” Diana told SEARCHLIGHT.

When asked what’s her vision for the business, Diana said: “I want Diana’s Jerk Centre to be established in such a way so that we can have it everywhere: Barbados, St.Lucia …if possible all over the world.”

Ashley noted that both he and his wife bring experience harnessed while working in the cruiseline industry to their restaurant.

“The service must be there for the people, if you want them to come back. I always tell our staff to always check on our customers,” said Ashley.

Besides food, patrons at Diana’s Jerk Centre will also be provided with entertainment. The Nedds will also be operating a club called Club Splash at the Diana’s Jerk Centre premises.

While Club Splash will cater for party lovers of all ages, Ashley said he and Diana encourage persons between the ages of 25 to 60 to return to the dance floor.

“We’re planning to have some nice oldie goldie parties. At the same time, we’re be blending in parties for the young people,” said Ashley, noting that there are plans to stage parties just for the older folks at least once or twice per month. Party goers who want a quality place of entertainment on Friday nights can head straight to Club Splash for a fun filled night of Karaoke.

And persons heading to the Windward side of mainland St.Vincent and the Grenadines and desire to have good food are reminded to check out Diana’s Jerk Centre’s original outlet at Georgetown, just behind the National Commercial Bank (NCB).