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Basil to assist Early childhood Centres

Basil to assist Early childhood Centres

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More than ten early childhood education centres are to benefit from the assistance of the Basil Charles Educational Foundation.

The announcement was made two weeks ago by the philanthropist at a press conference held at the Basil’s Bar in Kingstown on October 28.{{more}}

Charles indicated that in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of National Mobilization, the preschools are to receive aid in nutritional support, parenting programmes for the young mothers of the students, and upgrades to some of the facilities.

According to Charles, the schools which are to receive assistance are the Sandy Bay Pearl Pre-School, Precious Jewels Preschool, Overland Preschool, Biabou Preschool, Gems Preschool, Calliaqua Preschool, Glad Tidings Preschool, Questelles Evangelical Preschool and Clare Valley Community Preschool.

Help is also to be extended to an institution which caters for young mothers and their infants.

Charles said that it is important to make sure that children are being looked after in the best way nutritionally and in other areas, if they are to grow up and be the best that they can be.

“A child actually learns more between the age of one and seven. And if we are going to leave the kids at these schools, we need to make sure that these schools are able to take care of the children properly.”

Also speaking at the press conference was Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Mobilization Rosita Snagg, who said that the project helps to address a number of challenges, in particular support for parent education.

“We are taught to be teachers, we are taught to be doctors, lawyers, but we are never taught to be parents; it is usually a case of trial and error – and in a lot of cases in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, it’s more error. So we need to make sure that we have a sound foundation, and the Basil Charles Educational Foundation will help in this aspect.”

“I really want to say to Mr. Charles and the members of his Foundation for teaming up with us on this amazing venture. I thank you very much for doing this for our children.”

Education Officer Gwynette Cambridge also commended the Foundation: “This initiative taken by the Basil Charles Education Foundation shows that they are visionaries, because the importance of early childhood education could never be overemphasized.”

“Commendations must be given to the Ministry of Social Development and Mobilization for their forging ahead to the commitment to parenting programs.”

The project is expected to run initially for three years, with Charles indicating that he hoped that more assistance will pour in for it to continue for a longer period of time, and extend to more institutions.

The cost of the project is EC $40,000 per year.(JJ)