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Letten appeals for help for Joslyn

Letten appeals for help for Joslyn

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As Errol Joslyn struggles to regain fitness at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH), his common-law wife, Odette Letten, is appealing to the public for help in meeting the cost of his medical treatment in Trinidad and Tobago.{{more}}

On Saturday, October 30, Joslyn, 60, suffered a brutal fall when he fell from his roof during the passage of Hurricane Tomas, as he tried to secure it from heavy winds and torrential rain.

Letten visited SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, November 10, and showed quotations from Neuraxis Ltd., Trinidad and Tobago, and SVGAIR, costing thousands of dollars.

The letter from Neuraxix Ltd. dated November 4 showed that Joslyn, a mason, is in need of admission to the St.Clair Medical Centre for approximately five days at a cost of TT$8, 500, a CT Scan at TT$1, 500 and Neurosurgical Management at a cost of TT$500 per day.

The letter stated that, based on the results of the CT Scan, only then a decision will be made as to surgery.

The SVGAIR quotation given to transport Joslyn to Trinidad and Tobago states that the Base Fare will cost EC$6, 993, 5 per cent Gov. Tax EC$349.65, Fuel Surcharge EC$508.00 and Handling Fees EC$270.

“I am appealing to the public for some assistance in helping Errol to get medical help,” said Letten, who has been in a relationship with Joslyn for the past five years.

Letten, recalling the events of October 30, said on the morning of the hurricane Joslyn had nailed the area where he usually ties his goats at nights and had decided to take a nap. When he awoke and he told her that one of their friends called ‘Tac Tac’ was drowning and was crying for help.

She said that Joslyn was a bit disturbed by the dream and as a result of this got up. She said shortly after she saw when he passed with a ladder.

“I heard ‘bup’”, said Letten, who recalled that her son immediately called her for help after his stepfather’s fall.

“When I go I meet him flat on his face and a big cut over his eye and blood coming from his nose,” said Letten, noting that Joslyn was totally unconscious.

She said he only regained consciousness when they were on their way to the Georgetown Hospital.

Letten said persons interested in making a donation can do so at an NCB Account #1103972 or they can reach her at telephone #529-1621.