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Eustace tours Leeward coast

Eustace tours Leeward coast

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On Saturday, November 6, Opposition Leader and New Democratic Party (NDP) President Arnhim Eustace took what he described as “An up close and personal view” of the damage left on the Leeward side of the island by Hurricane Tomas.{{more}}

Accompanying Eustace were NDP candidate for South Leeward Nigel Stevenson, Central Leeward’s Norrel Hull and North Leeward’s Roland Patel Matthews, along with other supporters.

In Sharpes Village, Chateaubelair, the area that was hardest hit on the Leeward coast, Eustace spent time talking with residents and offering support. Eustace said that the day before, he had visited the Windward side, which sustained more damage, and found that the response from the authorities was better there than on the Leeward end.

Eustace told SEARCHLIGHT that he had seen houses that had totally or partially lost their roofs with tarpaulins covering them, but he had seen only one house covered with emergency issued tarpaulin in Chateaubelair.

Eustace encouraged residents to hold the faith and said that it would take community effort to speed up the rehabilitation process.

At Fitzhughes, the Leader of the Opposition visited Cacartha, an NDP stronghold over the Fitzhughes River, where he was warmly welcomed and taken around by villagers to visit the high end of the village that suffered the most damage.

After his tour, the Opposition Leader and his party visited the Beach Front Restaurant and Bar for rotis and cold Hairoun beer.(TY)