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Early Christmas for Digicel customers

Early Christmas for Digicel  customers

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Last Wednesday at the Aunt Jobe’s Supermarket in Stoney Ground, Naomi Prince, Roucha Caesar and Roslyn Decoteau (on behalf of her brother Bob Decoteau) squared off against one another to become the winner in the final run of the Digicel Aunt Jobe’s Supermarket Promotion.{{more}}

But in the end, it was the shopping smarts of Prince that paid off placing her in the top spot, where for the next year she is allowed EC$500 worth of groceries every month, free of cost, compliments Digicel. The groceries must be redeemed at Aunt Jobe’s Arnos Vale or Stoney Grounds.

Said Prince: “Digicel has been my telecommunications provider since inception, and now I am a winner. I am grateful. I feel really good and I am really excited; my heart is thumping, and this is the first time I have won anything at all.” Prince, who hails from Rivulet, is a Registered Nurse.

During the final supermarket sweep promotion (there were eight before running every Week beginning September 6), the three participants were each given three shopping carts and four minutes to accumulate 20 items or more. The person whose 20 items or more came the closest to EC$800 would win the top prize. Prince’s 28 items amounted to EC$766.34, Caesar’s 22 items came up to EC$1107.02, while Decoteau’s 21 items amounted to EC$1658.

For coming the second closest to EC$800, Caesar will receive EC$300 worth of groceries every month for the next year, while Decoteau will get EC$200 worth of groceries every month for the next year. Both Decoteau and Caesar agreed to being “very happy”.

The other supermarket sweep winners were Lennox King (October 26), Osborne Porter (October 20), Carla James (September 8), while September 15th saw Businessman Rudy Bailey taking the top spot. On September 22, Petrouchka Hills won and on September 29, Johnathan Lewis won. On October 6, Estina Stewart could not make it, so she sent her friend Frances Browne who won the prize for her, while on October 13, Foster Saunders took home the groceries. All of those persons were rewarded with vouchers that allowed them EC$500 worth of groceries.

Managing Director at Aunt Jobe’s Luke Boyea said that the supermarket was glad to be a part of the promotion: “I am sure that by winning these groceries at this point has surely brightened even more the Christmas experience for all the participants”. He added that the supermarket carries quality items that are suited for everyone. Also present at the final were Marketing Manager at Digicel Juno DeRoche and Marketing Executive at Digicel Justin John.

DeRoche thanked all the participants and stated that Digicel’s promotions are designed to give maximum rewards to their customers. She also thanked Monroe ‘Daddy’ Peters for helping make the supermarket sweep promotion a success.