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Minister Walters calls for a time of prayer

Minister Walters calls for a time of prayer

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This past weekend was set aside as a time of prayer for the nation, as the call was made for churches to intercede on the behalf of the leaders and nations affected by Hurricane Tomas.{{more}}

Minister with responsibility for Ecclesiastical Affairs Selmon Walters made the appeal to the churches across the nation on Thursday, November 3, at a press conference. He requested that the Seventh Day Adventists on Saturday, November 6, have a time of prayer while the other churches assign time to pray for the nation on Sunday, November 7.

Stating that the wreckage by Hurricane Tomas served as a wakeup call for all Vincentians, Walters called on all churches to pray for the revival of the agriculture industry, the rebuilding of homes and the recovery of other islands ravaged by the storm.

“We are requesting that you offer special prayers for the nation as we rebuild the land, as we restore the livelihood of all our people,” Walters said, adding that he admired the resilience of the people in rebuilding and replanting crops.

He further requested that churches pray for the leaders of the country, as they go forth in the rebuilding process, adding that it is a role of the church to pray for the leaders of the country. He also asked that persons desist from placing any political agenda on his request.

Walters added that the country has been very fortunate not to have had any deaths due to the storm.

He further stated that persons must recognize that there is a divine power at work, and must remember that God is in control.

He emphasized the need for Vincentians to go before God and pray for a healing in the land. He added that Vincentians should pray for several other countries including Haiti, Barbados and Grenada and others affected by the storm.

He also requested prayers for the nation to be spared should another storm hit, stating that it is possible for storms to form during the Hurricane Season.