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UWI students show love for country

UWI students show love for country

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UWI Open Campus Students showed that they were “Vincy to the Bone” as they proudly showed off their blues, greens and yellows on the campus grounds.{{more}}

Despite being in the heart of exams and major assignments, the students were patriotically dressed in clothing and were also engaged in discussions on why they were proud to be Vincentians.

One student remarked: “Where else you could find such a lush and mountainous place. Eh? When all the other Caribbean islands had drought, we (St.Vincent and the Grenadines) still had water.”

Another nationalistic student also re-inforced: “All over the world, people losing their jobs, and it real tough, but Vincentians still making it here. I not saying that it is easy but we can make it if we continue to try!”

When asked about what were some of the things that made them proud to be Vincentian, the students referred to things such as music, the food, the Garifuna culture, the peacefulness and beauty of the islands as well as the people…and as one re-butted, “even the politicians.” (SG)