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Bequia celebrates Independence

Bequia celebrates Independence

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by Denika Compton 05.NOV.10

All schools in Bequia came together last Tuesday, October 26, at the Clive Tannis Playing field to celebrate this country’s 31st anniversary of independence.{{more}}

Paying tribute to the nation, the students, teachers, cadets, pathfinders, adventurers and other persons in the community marched around the Port Elizabeth harbour and up to the park to have their joint celebration.

The stadium was filled to capacity, with about 950 students in uniforms or otherwise decked out in the national colors.

The gathering gave thanks in a session of prayer and worship, and was followed by schools participating in various cultural and traditional activities.

They showed their patriotism with a ‘31 balloons’ salute, in which 31 students each released a balloon in the national color.

Former Principal of the Bequia Community High School, Elaine Ollivierre, read the Minister of Education’s independence address. Northern Grenadines representative, Dr. Godwin Friday, also gave remarks, and a speech was delivered by Deputy Director of Grenadines Affairs, Herman Belmar.

Esvert Burgin, President of the St.Vincent Union of Teachers’ Northern Grenadines Branch, said that it is the first time the Branch has organised such an event. He said that he is satisfied with the over-all outcome of the event. Burgin noted that the Branch has a small amount of funds, but was able to pay for the students and teachers of the Paget Farm Government School to attend. According to Burgin, if his executive is re-elected next year, given that the elections are due by the end of the next school term, there will be a bigger and better celebration with more funds available for the 32nd anniversary of independence.

The Northern Grenadines Teachers’ Union branch is said to be the most active branch at present. Outstanding performers in the 2010 Common Entrance and CXC Exams, from the respective schools on the island, were also recognized. The fun-filled morning led persons to ask for a repeat next year.