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Billingy: I lost everything

Billingy: I lost everything

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The stinging effect of Hurricane Tomas is still being felt by many Vincentians across the nation.{{more}}

One such person is Nester Billingy. Billingy, a farmer of Cane Grove, lost nearly all of her livestock and agricultural produce during the Tomas hit, which lasted over eight hours between October 30 and 31.

“Everything for me destroy. I lost my greenhouse and all me livestock gone…I don’t know what to do.” said Billingy while speaking to SEARCHLIGHT on Monday.

Billingy, a farmer for over 30 years, said dogs from around the area killed her six goats and even bit her donkey. “All ah them gone. Me lose everything and I just need some quick assistance,” she pleaded. Her other livestock, which included guinea pigs and rabbits, were nowhere to be found after thorough searches.

She said after the strong winds and rain ceased, she could not believe what had transpired. “This is a real terrible blow we get. I just glad that everyone safe and I just have to hold the faith,” Billingy said.

Billingy started her business back in 2002 and took a micro-loan to finance it. She also stated that her greenhouse, which took a great deal of effort to set up, cost her over $4,800.