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Vinsave pre-schoolers learn about patriotism

Vinsave pre-schoolers learn about patriotism

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The youngsters at the St Vincent Save the Children Fund (VINSAVE) were taught the essence of patriotism on Tuesday, October 26, in the form of a concert and parade at the educational facility.{{more}}

Clad in their national colours, the bright pre-schoolers along with their teachers showed off local craft and indulged in local cuisine. There was also a mini-fashion show where youngsters strutted across the catwalk in their nationalistic apparel to the cheers of parents, teachers and other students.

Vinsave Co-ordinater Janice Fraser said that the celebration was in an effort to show the students a great time while teaching them to be patriotic. Fraser also pointed out that it was essential for the students to learn about national symbols, persons and songs so that they could identify and recognize the true meaning of being Vincentian while at they were young.

She said that VINSAVE will also continue to teach children how to respect the anthem and to have national pride and encouraged parents to do the same. (SG)