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Public speaking judge calls for better impromptu speeches

Public speaking judge calls for better impromptu speeches

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A call has been made for more emphasis to be placed on training students to better deliver impromptu speeches.{{more}}

The call was made last Thursday, October 21, at the LIME/Lions Club South Public Speaking Finals by the night’s chief judge Noel Dickson.

According to Dickson, there was a big disparity between the quality of the speeches in the first two categories and that of the impromptu category.

“We (the judges) are of the view that more emphasis needs to be placed in the impromptu aspect,” he said.

He was referring to the generally poor performance in the impromptu category at last Thursday’s public speaking finals.

Dickson however added that the problem was not unique to the national public speaking finals, but that it occurs at other events whenever “there is a section of this sort.”

He said that while students acquire other skills such as research skills from participating in the competition, more emphasis needs to be placed on the importance of teaching students the art of being able to “think on their feet.”

“As public speakers, they should be able to think fast,” Dickson contended, saying that it is good training, particularly for students who will be graduating soon and will have to be interviewed for a job.

“They will be put on the spot and they need to be prepared as they will be called on to sell themselves.”

“So we are all saying that more emphasis should be placed on the impromptu aspect,” Dickson said. (DD)