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Dentist teaches kids

Dentist teaches kids

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The children of the Pastor Bute Memorial Pre-school received a surprise last Wednesday when a dentist from the Dental Arts Clinic visited the school.{{more}}

Dr. Bettie Baptiste and Dental Assistant Morhonda Bradshaw taught the children important health practices such as brushing their teeth twice a day, eating healthy foods to prevent cavities and visiting the dentist.

The children, also celebrating the 31st anniversary of Independence, all clad in their blue, yellow and green apparel, listened attentively as Baptiste explained that dentists are specialists who take care of teeth.

Bradshaw also showed the children which foods are healthy for their teeth such as strawberries, oranges and apples. Cakes and sweets, she explained were bad for their teeth as they can cause cavities.

She then introduced the children to Bugsy, a stuffed toy, and illustrated to the children how to brush their teeth. A few students then took turns brushing Bugsy’s teeth.

At the end of the visit, the children were taught a song and were given toothbrushes and colouring pages.

Baptiste told SEARCHLIGHT that the clinic has been doing similar educational programmes since January. She disclosed that they had visited eight schools so far and plan to visit at least one school per month.