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Police investigating Mckies Hill robberies

Police investigating Mckies Hill robberies

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Fresh from work in the Edinboro, Ottley Hall and Redemption Sharpes areas, Commissioner of Police Keith Miller is targeting another neighbourhood which he says is becoming a hotbed for criminal activity.{{more}}

Last Saturday, October 16, the Commissioner, along with a number of senior officers, visited the Mckies Hill area, where there had been a series of robberies over the last few weeks.

The perpetrators are allegedly hiding in the patches of lemon grass trees that line the street of the newly developed area, where they lay wait unsuspecting road users and relieve them of their valuables, usually at gun point.

Persons leaving the gym that is located in the vicinity have reported being held up by the bandits.

In one instance, a female leaving the gym was accosted in broad daylight, and a gun allegedly placed at her head.

In another, a police officer heading home on leave had his jewelry, cellphone and police identification taken from him.

Commissioner Miller, on visiting the area, said that he believed that the growth of the popular grass, which can be used as a hot beverage (lemon grass tea), was creating unnecessary cover for the culprits.

He sought to speak with residents in the area as well as land owners in an effort to have the grass cut.

“We need to see if we can clean up this grass.”

The talks proved fruitful for the Commissioner and his officers, who were given an idea of the goings on in the area, and the persons who may have been responsible for the robberies.

The residents were frank and upfront with their concerns.

“I don’t know how safe it is any more. Every time I hear a noise at night, I get worried,” one long time resident of the area said.

Another resident wondered if it was worthwhile stay in the area, let alone the country.

The Commissioner thanked the concerned citizens for their input and told them that the police are doing their best to take control of the situation and that steps had already been taken to get the upper hand of the issue.

“We have regular patrols of the area, and we will take further steps to ensure that small groups of persons do not give this country a bad name.”

“Everything will be done to the best of our ability to stop this before it gets any worse.”(JJ)