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Hitz presents ‘Throwback Friday’

Hitz presents ‘Throwback Friday’

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As we celebrate the monumental achievement of 31 years of Independence, Hitz 103.7, which prides itself as being ‘the ultimate party station’ with its post summer theme of ‘Bringin da beats to the streets’, will launch its first old skool event dubbed ‘Throwback Friday’ on Friday, 29th October, on Hitz 103.7.{{more}}

Candice Sealey, Head of Sales & Marketing of SVGBC, says that ‘Throwback Friday’ will be an exclusive VIP old skool event for listeners, featuring the best old skool music and hardcore old skool mixes, with appearances by the biggest Hitz 103.7 soundcrews. With live djs mixing all day and ‘extreme juggling’ on the ‘wheels of steel platters’, Friday 29th will not be a usual Friday. Sealey added that the on air event is in response to suggestions by staff as well as listeners who have been requesting it since it is felt by many persons that ‘the old skool’ is better than the ‘new skool’. Listeners can expect to hear music across various genres that are currently played on Hitz 103.7, along with a few surprises.