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Landslide destroys Sharpes house

Landslide destroys Sharpes house

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After fifteen years living at Rocks, Redemption Sharpes, the Alexander family have been forced to continue life elsewhere, as a result of heavy rains over the weekend that caused a landslide which extensively damaged their house.{{more}}

On Sunday, October 3, 2010, debris from an embankment above their home, smashed into the concrete structure, damaging almost everything in the kitchen.

Occupant of the house, Lorna Alexander, told SEARCHLIGHT on Monday, October 4, that she and two of her children were in the living room, when they heard a loud explosion in the kitchen. She said she went to her 21-year-old son’s bedroom, and took him out of the house. Moments later, Alexander said she saw a boulder rolling from behind the house, down to where other neighbours were living. Luckily, the boulder struck an outside bathroom, which was unoccupied.

“I didn’t really know what took place when I run out the house. When I come back up about two hours after, that is when I see what happened to the kitchen,” related Alexander.

An inspection of the kitchen reveals the destruction caused by the huge slab of mud. Parts of the kitchen counter, windows and doors were damaged, and a gaping hole was left in the wall.

Despite the ordeal, Alexander is remaining positive about things, and stated, “It could have been worse and I just thank God that we still have life.”

She told SEARCHLIGHT that area representative hopefuls, Elvis Charles of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) and St Clair Leacock of the the New Democratic Party (NDP) both visited the family and helped to move items.

The National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) has declared the house unsafe to live. Until they are relocated, Alexander and her family will be staying at her mother’s house.

Alexander’s husband, Winston, who was not at home of the incident occurred, said he was in the village when he heard a loud explosion coming from the direction of his house. Although not being able to give an estimate of the damage, the carpenter said he has lost a great deal.

“…I feel really sad that it happen, but I have to really thank God still that nothing happen to my family,” he said.