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Kidney Restorative Foundation founded in SVG

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The Kidney Restorative Foundation of St. Vincent Inc. has been set up.

It is a non-profit organization geared towards providing support for persons suffering with kidney complications in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}} The foundation was founded by Jaimason Samuel and incorporated in September 2010. It is managed by a board of directors. The other members of the board include Dacent Henry, Dr Malcolm Samuel and Lawyer Andrew R Cummings (QC). The board therefore consists of a cadre of individuals who are philanthropists, medical professionals, corporate strongholds and persons who are being treated for kidney complications. The board of directors therefore is well equipped to deal with and understand all the issues that may face kidney patients.

The foundation has as its main aim, to set up a dialysis centre as well as offer financial assistance to persons in St. Vincent who are suffering from kidney complications. The foundation has already procured an area for setting up the dialysis centre in St. Vincent and we also have dialysis machines. As a nonprofit organization, the foundation is in need of financial assistance to assist in making this very important service available to Vincentians.

Vincentians who suffer with kidney complications currently travel outside the country to receive treatment on a weekly basis. This venture can cost up to EC $2500.00 per week. In these dire economic times, these costs can be a heavy burden to bear. The aim of the foundation among other things, is to assist kidney patients to bear that burden. If dialysis is made available locally, then this cost can be avoided. Other types of treatment can cost up to EC 3000.00 with the mammoth being that of EC 150,000 for a kidney transplant. The foundation also wishes to promote disease awareness from a humanitarian standpoint while raising funds for those affected directly and indirectly by the illness.

Persons willing to assist the Foundation are asked to Email: [email protected]; Phone: 784-451-3309 or write to: Kidney Restorative Foundation, P.O.Box 465, Kingstown.