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VINLEC ready to spend for safety

VINLEC ready to spend for safety

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Over $1 million dollars has been allocated to fire protection by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Electricity Services (VINLEC).{{more}}

So says Thornley Myers, Chief Executive Officer of VINLEC, during his address at the launch of VINLEC’s fifth safety week. The event was held on Monday, September 20, at the Cane Hall power plant.

Myers stated that for the year 2010, VINLEC has allocated over $2 million to safety and protection, with a figure in excess of $1 million going towards fire protection and safety.

He added that safety and protection do not only cover employees, but also include the safety of the company’s physical assets.

“When we talk about the safety of our employees, we talk about the protection of life – our critical resource, but also we must ensure we protect the physical assets of what we have as they are a part of what we use, they are a part of what keeps this business going,” Myers said.

He stated that over the years, the company had incidents in which they have identified weaknesses within the structure of their physical assets, hence the greater emphasis on the protection of such assets.

Speaking about the safety of employees, Myers noted that safety in this area is also important. He mentioned that the company has invested in the training of their employees through the Caribbean Electric Utility Service Corporation (CARILEC).

Myers further stated that VINLEC has partnered with CARILEC and has developed a standardized programme that he hopes to “roll out very well in the New Year.”

He emphasized that the safety of the employee depends on the employee himself, as, although supervisors or management may put certain regulations in place, it is up to the employee to ensure that such regulations are carried out.

Also speaking at the event, Deputy Director of National Insurance Services, Mineva Glasgow, commended VINLEC on their safety procedures. She encouraged the staff gathered at the event to adhere to the safety measures and practices.

Glasgow stated that the injury of an employee will not only affect the person’s family, but will also mean reduced productivity in the workplace, which affects the society at large.

She also highlighted that workplace safety will improve the productivity and competitiveness of a company. She further encouraged VINLEC to ensure that workers are provided with proper gear and that each facility is well organized, and that records on safety equipment are well kept.

The VINLEC Safety Week began on Sunday, September 19, and ended on Saturday, September 25. It was held under the theme “Your life is valuable – safety is advisable.” (OS)